About us

Axon provide LMS solutions & web portfolios for small and medium companies. We fully believe in the power of learning, growing, and support and as company we live these values.

Our goal

Axon's goal is to implement online learning technologies in the computer industry in Macedonia that will launch a whole set of changes in the business, schools and training centers functioning. Most important of all, it will cause innovations in educational methods and approaches, as well as quality transfer of knowledge.

To achieve this goal, Axon has employed professionals in several areas, as well as foreign advisors, who are planning and fulfilling every step of this big project together, and with great care.

The starting point for the creative inspiration around the logo itself was the concept of an axon as a long nerve fiber, a slender projection of a nerve cell, or neuron, that conducts electrical impulses away from the neuron's cell body or "soma", acting like a hairy, optic cable, for transferring exit signals. All nerve cells have their own axon, which is very long for the human body. But, seen through the eyes that are outside of the human body, and are a part of the world network, an "axon" can be described as a nerve fiber, that sends your impulses and signals around the globe, and all the way to your intended desinations.

Why Choose Us?

The best deal for e-learners and educators our e-learning solutions are designed for the requirements of users, not technicians.

Every single time, we pride ourselves in delivering the best value for money solutions, that meet the specific needs of the e-learner. Custom specifications, fast set up and on-going support are all standard services to our clients. These are bolstered by user seminars, regular health checks and e-learning content, all to make sure you get the full benefit from e-learning.

Flexible payment options

Our products have won many awards. But that doesn’t mean budget-stretching solutions for your business. Get more for less - and clear pricing, like our flexible pay-as-you-go option, means you can have complete e-learning for a snip.

Grow your business, grow your system

Your organization’s knowledge will grow the longer you use our solutions - so we have plenty of extra features you can add to your system to support this growth. Our team will make sure you’re fully aware of new developments and features.