Benefits for students

  • Because I have all the course materials available and accessible from anywhere!
  • Because I can learn at a time and pace suited for me!
  • Because I have equal access to any information at a same time as everybody else!
  • Convenience!

There are many papers published reviewing the students' experience in online learning environments. The biggest benefits learners emphasize is the flexibility that this kind of learning provides and constant access to information.
However, the online learning concept wares some drawbacks as well that may even decrease the learning effect like decreased motivation, technical issues, no social-interaction etc. Therefore, it is of very big importance to choose online learning product that addresses and provides alternatives for these downfalls.

Axon Learning Platform is very aware of these drawbacks and offers many online alternatives for dealing with them such as having constant revision and "feeling-of-presence" from the trainer as well as many tools to challenge students to beat their own or others scores. In order to deal with, as we see it, the biggest pitfall of the online education: deprecation of learning through social interactions, we've empowered our service with seamless integration with various online meeting tools like WizIQ, Vyew and created open architecture to add other connectors. That helps trainers to facilitate real-classroom experience utilizing online audio and video discussions and team buildings.

Top benefits emphasized by students from using online learning management system are the following: