Axon Learning Platform - Features

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Content distribution
Students and trainers don't need to download and install additional components on their computers. All clients need to have is a web browser and internet connection which makes Axon Learning Platform very flexible and accessible from any internet connected device.
Training delivered using Axon Learning Platform are optimal combination of Instructor-led & self-paced trainings which includes options for students to go though the curricula on their own pace and time while trainers in parallel organize live meetings and checkpoints in order to assess the knowledge gained.
Axon Learning Platform graphic user interface is a template based solution which allows clients to select their own templates from the library of available templates. In addition, as part of our service, we create custom design template for each of our new customers.
Axon Learning Platform can be set up in a multi-language mode when serving customers from different language regions. Currently we have Axon Learning Platform translated in Macedonian and English version and more languages will be added soon.
Within our service we provide e-Commerce module for purchasing courses online which includes possibility for defining packages and price lists based on courses and live classes volumes.
Within our solution there is a messaging system used for direct communication within the students and trainers and also as tool for review and assessment of assignments.
In addition, there are great email notification options informing students and trainers for each relevant change of the LMS content and scheduled events. This function keeps everybody up to date with the latest information relevant to their courses.
Axon LMS solution includes trainers administration as well using which trainers can be assigned to a particular courses or groups of students making your eLearning solution organized with distributed responsibilities.
Virtual classes is one of the ways for empowering social learning between trainers and students. Classes can be held as scheduled or per students demand based on e-School working policy. Integrated calendar makes scheduling very easy and intuitive to use.
Outside of curricula exams and exercises, trainers can distribute individual assignments to students wherever applicable in order to improve and interfere with the learning curve.
Content authoring
Web based content authoring
You can manage your courseware from any computer and from any location as long as you provide valid credentials. All the content authoring interface is provided to you using any of the popular web browsers. Does not require knowledge of HTML/Programming For course preparation and publishing you don't need to have any technical knowledge. The software will guide your though the process of creating your educational content by providing WYSIWYG editors or any other means for assembling and publishing your course curricula online.
Curricula manager
Axon Learning Platform service will provide you means to plan and implement all of the aspects of your course curricula including, but not limited to: creating chapters and lessons, combine multimedia videos and exercises, no-return checkpoints, conditional exercises and graded exams within your curricula.
Exam manager
Axon Learning Platform has embedded test engine designed specifically for exam preparation. It allows you to create, edit and publish tests in the environment very similar to a real exam. Test engine supports many question types such as free text, true/false, select answer from the list, click and select and many others.
Live classes integration
Our service is empowered with seamless integration with various online meeting tools like WizIQ, Vyew and has open architecture to easily add other connectors. That helps trainers to facilitate real-classroom experience utilizing online audio and video discussions and team buildings.
Having a clear view on students progress, performance and activity is the most crucial thing in order to be able to make valid student assessment. Having this on mind, there is a great deal of reporting options included in the system.
44The reporting functionality include:
  • Training activity reports
  • Performance reports
  • Summary reports
  • Detailed reporting per student and per exercise
  • Full access log report